Mikey’s Fest Nashville TN 2020.

Mikey’s Fest is back in Nashville! The most amazing gathering for carpet, upholstery and hard surface care professionals.

About this Event

Join the Mikey’s Fest and Cleaners Connect Crew as we share a full day of stories and life and business lessons along with a very full day of giving back to the Nashville community by cleaning the floors and furnishings at the local Ronald McDonald House

We will also be offering additional educational opportunities prior to the event featuring Jim Pemberton’s Fabric Pro Specialist course as well as Tom Cermak’s IICRC Carpet Cleaning Technician course. Individual registration and fees for each course. Both will be held February 27th and 28th at separate locations in Nashville (see schedule below)



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Please call Jim at Pemberton's Supply @ 1 800 342 2297. to get on the waiting list

This unique two day course is absolutely not a "Prep" course to prepare you for another longer certification course. SOLD OUT !

Class fee is $795 and those attending Mikey's Fest get a $125 discount off Jim's class!

The Ronald McDonald House has over 45 pieces of upholstery that you'll get to clean along with Jim, Scott Warrington, and Chandler Thompson

Class held @ Pro-Care of Nashville 720 Fesslers Ln Nashville, TN 37210

In this two day course you'll receive all the essential information not contained in other courses, without the mind numbing additional information on fabric names, dyeing processes, and chemistry that is “nice to know”, but rarely “need to know” information for the 'Fabric Pro Upholstery Specialist.'

After checking into our group hotel, join us downstairs for networking and to share a drink and light fare with your fellow festers.

Coach Micheal Burt: Start our day with a burst of Michael’s contagious energy and learn why most every truly successful business person NEEDS a coach or mentor to help guide their way to success. Learn what to look for and how to get the most out of the experience.

Myles Mayes: The creator of one of the most prolific and popular “carpet cleaner” channels on YouTube shares his techniques, secrets and plans for the future for both his online and floor service careers

Jim Pemberton: Hear what it was like to grow up under the shadow of Darth Vader during the revolution of the carpet cleaning industry. Hilarious stories from a retailers perspective of dealing with “us”, what it is like to be an educator, as well as a moderator on MikeysBoard.com

Jim Bardwell: Jimmy Buffett was right...it's your own D!%# fault! Being accountable isn't easy! How learning to take a more honest approach to personal responsibility can have a dramatic impact on your business and your life!

Peter Gregg: Peter will share on his opinion and impression of all the current Carpet Cleaners producing videos on You Tube from a Professional Photographer/Videographer and industry outsider’s perspective.

Mike Pailliotet: Want to know how Mike went from a $12.95 for two rooms subcontractor to owner of two cleaning locations, Mikey’s Board.com and Mikey’s Fest? Jim Pemberton is going to grill him for the details…

Mark Saiger and the tuition winners: Listen in as Mark interviews our collection of Mikey’s Fest Nashville Tuition Winners on where they currently are in their lives and businesses and where they want to be. Always interesting and heartfelt stories that make working with the winners at the RMH the next day more valuable for all involved.

Instructional opportunities available for Saturday’s RMH cleaning:

Jim Pemberton, Scott Warrington & Chandler Thompson-
Various Upholstery cleaning techniques demonstrated with 50 plus pieces being completed. Chandler and his employee will demonstrate his unique in-home set up for fine fabric cleaning

Jim Bardwell and Meg Burdick-
High End Fine Fabric Protection, sales and application discussed and demonstrated

Trinity Renewal Systems and Carpet Cleaner America -
Low Moisture cleaning of LVP, Tile and Grout, Wood and Carpet

Mark Saiger and Mike Pailliotet-
Speed sealing of Tile & Grout

Legend Brands and HydraMaster-
Carpet and Tile and Grout Cleaning

Thomas Cermak-
Various Carpet cleaning methods demonstrated

Myles Mayes-
Job site video techniques

Sold Out!


You’re invited to join Fiber ProTector America for one of the most unique tours in Nashville!

The Redneck Comedy Bus will pick us up at the official MFN hotel (Holiday Inn Nashville Vanderbilt) on Sunday, March 1st. at 11 AM.

The tour will take us all around Nashville to see the sights! We will be providing cold beverages and traditional “redneck” snacks. (Think beef jerky, pork rinds, Goo Goo clusters and moon pies!😜)

Seating is limited, so be sure and keep your eyes out for the sign-up sheet as it will be a first come first serve basis!

To learn more about the tour go to www.theredneckbus.com

Redneck Bus Tour

Speakers and Instructors
Still in the trenches cleaning floors and furnishings since 1986, Mike Pailliotet has worked for coupon companies, large franchise and currently owns and operates two locations in northern California and Nevada.
Photo of Coach Micheal Burt
Keynote Speaker
Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world.
Photo of Myles Mayes
20 year old Myles recently made a big splash in the online world when his new You Tube Channel went viral. Over eighty thousand fans tune in every week to watch him clean floors and rugs due to his
Photo of Jim Bardwell
Jim has been deeply involved in face to face sales for many high-end carpet cleaning companies for decades. Jim is now the front man for Fiber ProTector America, an ultra-premium protection system for the most demanding of homeowners, Interior Designers and Estate Managers.
IICRC Instructor
Thomas L. Cermak is a 40+year veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry. He has worked with a variety of companies both large and small over his career, giving him a very diverse background that he feels helps him relate to his students and the challenges they face.
Picture of Jim Pemberton. - Fabric Care Specialist
Fabric Care Specialist
An industry trainer and consultant, Jim Pemberton is the president of Pemberton’s Cleaning & Restoration Supplies in McKeesport, PA, and he has more than 30 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry.
Photo of Peter Gregg
Not only a big fan of Myles but a You Tube superstar himself! Peter’s is a camera and video equipment expert who recently took notice of the carpet cleaning industry’s popularity on You Tube.
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    2613 West End Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37203

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