Bryan Thomson
Owner of Stone Edge Training and a natural born educator, has worked for Turbo Force International, Legend Brands and US Products as a trainer and salesman. He currently runs his own high end stone and tile restoration company in Phoenix Arizona .
Mike Pailliotet
Still in the trenches cleaning floors and furnishings since 1986, Mike Pailliotet has worked for coupon companies, large franchise and currently owns and operates two locations in northern California and Nevada.
Rob Fairfield
Rob Fairfield Is the Director of Training and Technical Sales for the Miramonte Group based in Anaheim, CA. For more than twenty years Rob has taught natural stone, quartz, concrete and terrazzo maintenance, repair and restoration
Jason Pettinato
Owner of Super Grout Additive
30 year tile installing veteran and inventor of Super Grout Additive.
Reg Rogers
Owner of Carpet Cleaner America
Hailing from Spartanburg, South Carolina, Reg Rogers of Carpet Cleaner America has been in the carpet cleaning world since 1994.
Mark Saiger
Owner of Saiger Steam Clean LLC
Mark Saiger has been around the cleaning and restoration industry most of his life. He is a “Third Generation” cleaning specialist busy training their 4th and 5th generation of cleaners.
Charles Heaberlin
Charles Heaberlin from TRS will be on hand to demonstrate and help you learn how to operate the Phoenix MX, an Oscillating Pad machine that cleans quickly and very effectively cleans Wood, all the new vinyl products, Brick, Concrete, Carpet, Rugs and polishes stone too!
Photo of Coach Micheal Burt
Coach Micheal Burt
Keynote Speaker
Coach Micheal Burt is considered “America’s Coach,” a unique blend of a former championship basketball coach combined with a deep methodology of inner-engineering people to produce at a higher level in the business world.
Photo of Myles Mayes
Myles Mayes
20 year old Myles recently made a big splash in the online world when his new You Tube Channel went viral. Over eighty thousand fans tune in every week to watch him clean floors and rugs due to his
Photo of Jim Bardwell
Jim Bardwell
Jim has been deeply involved in face to face sales for many high-end carpet cleaning companies for decades. Jim is now the front man for Fiber ProTector America, an ultra-premium protection system for the most demanding of homeowners, Interior Designers and Estate Managers.