Jim Pemberton

Picture of Jim Pemberton. - Fabric Care Specialist

An industry trainer, supplier and consultant, Jim Pemberton is the president of Pemberton’s Cleaning & Restoration Supplies in McKeesport, PA, and he has more than 40 years of experience in the cleaning and restoration industry.

Jim is best known for his Fabric Pro “Hands On Upholstery Cleaning Workshop”, a class that focuses on cleaning, stain removal and problem solving techniques for the most troublesome fabrics cleaners encounter today. In addition to this class, Jim conducts training classes in odor control, hard surface cleaning, carpet cleaning, stain removal, and area rug cleaning.

Jim and his father, Lee Pemberton, have published “The CleanTip”, a weekly email newsletter that contains both management and technical subjects for the cleaning industry, for the past 15 years as well.

Pembertons Cleaning and Restoration Supply, founded by Lee and run now by Jim, has supplied cleaning and restoration company needs since 1972.

You are invited to visit his website at ECleanAdvisor.com or e-mail him at jimscleanchat@gmail.com.