Mark Saiger

Mark Saiger has been around the cleaning and restoration industry most of his life.  He is a “Third Generation” cleaning specialist busy training their 4th and 5th generation of cleaners. Currently residing in the small rural “Great White North” community of Grand Rapids, MN, he is the owner and operator of the family owned Saiger’s Steam Clean, LLC. Mark and his family run two truckmounts which they operate on the SAME jobsites at the SAME time most days! A unique situation that he will be sharing.  He still works on a truck each day and loves it!  

Mark’s professions and hobbies include Professional Musician, Music Educator, Racer of Personal Water Crafts/JetSki’s, Stock Cars, snowmobiles and motorcycles. He has been a Restaurant cook & manager and his family has also been Farmers….so you could say, they really know dirt! 

As a music Educator, Mark had many nationally recognized award winning Marching Bands, Concert Bands and Jazz Ensembles. His Marching Bands were known as “The only Competitive Field Show Marching Band North of Minneapolis & St. Paul, MN.  This was considered quite an accomplishment because of their outer rural location, and extreme cold temperatures they reside and practiced in. He even brought his bands to St. Petersburg, Florida a number of times for the Festival of States winning many top honors and awards! 

Mark Saiger is also known for his “Cold Weather Cleaning expertise” with truckmount carpet cleaning equipment. You can find many of his tips and other helpful information on his YouTube channel or the front page of Mikey’s Board.

Mark will be presenting at the Mikey Fest portion about their experience of Two truckmounts on the same job site, his success in his small rural community, and his branding with flash, flare and color….and a lot a things he learned as a band director (passionately known as a band nerd!)