Thomas Cermak

Thomas L. Cermak is a 40+year veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry. He has worked with a variety of companies both large and small over his career, giving him a very diverse background that he feels helps him relate to his students and the challenges they face.

He lives in Atlanta Georgia where he currently owns a carpet repair company. He has all three IICRC master’s designations, and he also is a
certified carpet inspector and a hard surface inspector. Thomas currently teaches carpet cleaning, color repair, and carpet repair and reinstallation and is adding odor control and upholstery cleaning to his teaching this year.

Having an abundance of real life field experience in each and every one of these areas, he has demonstrated for decades his proficiency in the actual application of those skills to all areas of cleaning and restoration, and teaches with a practical real world approach and lots of actual hands on in
his classes.

He is married to his high school sweetheart Christine, and attributes much of his success to her help and support. When not teaching Thomas can often be found traveling to inspect projects for flooring installation issues and conditions. Thomas can also be found holding mini clinics for students who want advanced training in carpet cleaning, spot dying and repairs. For fun, he enjoys spending time with his grand children either in person, or using live video, which allows him to have a very active role in their lives.